The bane of most city dwellers is the exploitation by real estate agents and landlords who are cashing in on the poor housing situation pertaining in the cities. These highly unprofessional and cunning individuals are taking undue advantage of the market condition to exploit property seekers especially in the major cities i.e Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, etc.  The situation has been compounded partly as a result of the rapid urbanization vis a vis the declining rate of housing supply in the country particularly the urban areas. This has culminated in a market condition highly hostile to the property seeker [potential tenant or buyer].

Shelter Mart is introducing the freelance real estate agency scheme to offer everyone the opportunity to partake in the highly rewarding and lucrative real estate business. The scheme is aimed to provide a market platform for real estate transactions whilst spreading the gains of the venture to all parties involved in the process; buyers, owners, and intermediaries.

Real estate is highly lucrative and an extraordinary way to create additional income for everyone without hustle. The scheme is simple “play a part and earn your share".

With the assistance of your phone or mobile device, you can partake in the freelance real estate business opportunity provided by Shelter Mart whenever and wherever you want. It’s that simple!

Fully engaged in your main work? No hustle!. Doing this business in your free or spare time is a huge way to earn some good extra income without sacrificing time with family and friends. Being a freelance real estate broker with Shelter Mart is a great way towards achieving that extra income and financial freedom you so much desired.

For those who wish for an elastic work schedule, being a freelance real estate agent for Shelter Mart can be the ideal option.


To become a real estate freelancer you just need to register with us by visiting our website ( or downloading our Shelter Mart app from the app store or play store. No formal qualifications in real estate is required; just complete your registration on our page and start furnishing us with details of properties for rent or sale in your locality. You may also share details of clients interested in renting or buying a property with us for swift service. Shelter Mart will do the rest of the work and pay you a good commission when the transaction is concluded. Landlord’s and property developers are not left out. As a developer or property owner, you can also register an account on our site, as a landlord, and earn big returns when your property is rented or sold. Yes, you earn from us when the transaction is completed.

Our unique scheme is aimed at offering a mutually rewarding platform to landlords and accommodation seekers across the country. Everyone can partake in the scheme; whether you need or have a property for rent or sale. Just log on and register on our page.

i. Visit our website and fill our online application form to complete your registration. You may also download the Shelter Mart app and proceed to complete your registration. You will require a referral code in order to register on the system. Secure a referral code from your referrer or use the generic Shelter Mart referral ID (xxxxxx) to register an account.

ii. Shelter Mart will verify your details and confirm your registration.

iii. Upon confirmation of your registration details your online account information will be sent to your email for verification. Upon verification, your online account will be activated.

iv. You can now proceed to browse the page for properties or submit properties to Shelter Mart. You may also submit the details of a potential client that requires the property to rent or buy.

v. You will be given a unique referral ID after your registration is approved. You can grow your network by sharing your unique ID (xxxxxx) with others. You will earn part of the commission earned by everyone who uses your referral ID to register on the system. Keep growing your network to keep earning.

vi. Your request; submission of property details or contact of a potential client for a property would be acted on swiftly by a dedicated team of professionals.

vii. Shelter Mart will pay you you’re a whopping 25% of the commission earned when the transaction is concluded. Cash will be deposited in your online wallet. You can withdraw directly through your momo number or transfer it into your bank account. It’s that simple!

vii. Your earnings never shop! You will earn a portion of the commission earned by freelancers on your network. Go ahead and grow your network to earn more and more. As they say, your network is your net worth. Grow your network and assist your followers to grow theirs as well; together we grow and earn big!. 

Shelter Mart Freelance Agency Scheme; Let’s Work and Earn together!